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Types Of Home Inspection Services


Absolute Home Inspection Services is absolutely committed to providing our clients and real estate professionals with the best service possible. Absolute Home Inspection Services offers a number of services all designed to give you the most and best information possible during your real estate transaction.












This is a general whole house inspection service provided by an objective professional; designed to make the home owner, buyer, or investor aware of many major and minor unforeseen defects and safety issues in the homes systems.

A general home inspection covers all readily accessible areas and systems in the home. Be aware of structural issues, deferred and needed maintenance, deficient system components, and safety issues in the home.

After the inspection you will receive a detailed narrative report with pictures of every defect. Your report will include over a hundred photos of the house to help you make the best decision possible. Reports are often issued within 24 hours.

This is the most popular type of inspection we provide and no home transaction should happen without one. Your inspector is working for you and only you and has your best interest in mind.

FEE: Based On Square Footage and Age of the Home, Starting at $279.








The Pre-Listing or Seller’s Inspection is essentially the same as a buyers inspection but is done for the seller; prior to finding a buyer, to make the sales process go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

When you have a pre listing inspection report in hand you know exactly what issues a buyers inspector might find and are prepared to negotiate or repair those items in your own time and on your own terms. The buyer will often even be willing to go off your report and bypass their own home inspection all together.

Your sellers inspection report can be used as a marketing selling point to the buyers during your open house to help ease their mind and ensure you get top dollar for your property from buyers who have the utmost confidence in your listing.

FEE: Whole House Inspection Fee, No Additional Charge.









Radon is a dangerous carcinogenic gas caused from the decay of naturally occurring uranium in the soil. While outside radon is maintained at low levels by the environment it can build up to dangerous levels in the home. The Environmental Protections Agency attributes approximately 20,000 American deaths each year to Radon and highly recommends every home be tested for elevated radon levels.

Radon is colorless, tasteless, odorless, and has no onset symptoms; the only way to know if your homes radon levels are dangerously high is to perform a test.

Absolute Home Inspection Services uses the most accurate and reliable continuous radon measurement devices operated by radon certified personnel. Our radon measurement devices include features that help to determine if the device or the "closed house" conditions have been tampered with during the testing period.

FEE: $99 With a Whole House Inspection, or $149 as Stand Alone Aervice.







It takes a lot of energy and money to heat, cool, and operate a home. Many home owners throw away hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year on wasted energy expenses. Your home energy report helps you determine; how much the home costs to operate, where energy is being wasted, and what can be done to help save energy and money after they move in.

Every Saint Louis and Saint Charles area home inspection done by Absolute Home Inspection Services includes a Professional Home Energy Report completely FREE.

FEE: Free With a Whole House Inspection, or $79 as a Stand Alone Service.






This graphical narrative report identifies built in home appliances and the HVAC system present on the property and if they have been recalled by the manufacturer or had safety bulletins issued.

If one of your homes appliances have had a recall or bulletin your report will describe the nature of this recall or bulletin, let you know how you can remedy this defect, and tell you how you can get that appliance or HVAC component repaired or replaced (often absolutely free).

FEE: $35 With a Whole House Inspection, $79 as a Stand Alone Service.








Termites are a common problem and concern in the Saint Louis / Saint Charles area. As a home inspector termites and evidence of termites are regularly discovered, particularly in older homes.

While discovered termite evidence is noted on any whole house inspection a full termite specific inspection by a pest control company is highly recommended by Absolute Home Inspection Services.

While you are free to schedule your own termite inspection appointment with a pest control company, you can also simply let Absolute Home Inspections do it for you with our qualified third party inspectors.

FEE: Third Party Inspector, Averages $70 Per Inspection.





Absolute Home Inspection Services contracts out Saint Louis Sewer and Drain for your drainage inspection needs. St. Louis Sewer and Drain has over 20 years experience and will examine your homes entire drain system for any damaged piping or stoppages.

While you are free to schedule your own sewer and drain scope inspection with any drain company, you can also simply let Absolute Home Inspections do it for you with our qualified third party inspectors.

FEE: Third Party Inspector, Averages $160 Per Inspection.









Moving into a new home or city can be tough for anyone, and it can be hardest of all for your children. A new home may have unfamiliar closets, spaces, and noises that can make their first few days or weeks in a child's new house not as pleasant and exciting for them as it hopefully will be for you.

Feel free to bring your children to your home inspection, we can inspect under any beds, under stairs, in closets, and of course in the attics, basements, and crawlspaces to be completely sure there are no monsters living in the home they are about to move into.

When we are finished we will gladly provide your child with a signed Monster Free Guarantee Certificate so they can sleep soundly and be absolutely sure that their new home is clean and clear of any monsters, ghouls, ghosts, and gremlins.

FEE: FREE With a Whole House Inspection at Request.


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